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How does the new A&M differ from our current hymn book?

New features include added provision for all the seasons of the Church year, new items for carol services and other popular occasions where the repertoire is in need of refreshing, more choices for all-age worship, fresh translations of some ancient hymnody, beautiful new tunes, short songs and chants - kyries, alleluias, blessings - and music from the world church.

A full range of indexes (including biblical, lectionary and thematic) and a helpful guide to choosing hymns and songs for all-age worship will help to make Ancient & Modern the premier collection of choice.


Using Common Praise?

Then we suggest that you look to our supplement published in 2010 - Sing Praise. This is designed to complement Common Praise and with over 300 items - together they will bring your hymn and song portfolio right up to date.
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Interested in electronic content for projection and service sheets?

An Electronic Words Edition is available as a downloadable software package. Easily extract lyrics (as they appear in the hymn book) for projection or use in locally produced service sheets.

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